Parents & Book Recommendations

I value communication and collaboration with parents. I see my role as both collaborator and advocate. Above all, my goal is to enhance and improve both the experience and outlook of the child and the relationship and empathy between child and parent.

I offer psycho-education and helpful parenting tools and tips to help parents relate to their children and to increase their understanding of the emotional tone of their children’s experience. I have experience collaborating with school systems and I am happy to work with teachers in support of a child if it would be helpful.

Book Recommendations
“Jocelyn brings an incredible warmth and enthusiasm to the therapeutic relationship, and as a result, clients feel an immediate rapport with her. In addition, Jocelyn’s commitment to getting to know each of her clients uniquely makes for a very personalized experience of therapy. Jocelyn is dedicated to telling the truth, even when it may be challenging to hear. She also knows when it is time to hold a compassionate space for the natural healing of the client to unfold.” – Christopher Perero, MA